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What Makes Us Different

Over the years we have witnessed many changes in the financial services industry and not all of them have been designed to serve the best interests of our clients. Many changes have been introduced in the name of efficiency, resulting in clients having limited access to experienced advisors based solely on the size of their portfolio.

In many bank and brokerage models, clients with lower portfolio balances are relegated to call center representatives. While these representatives may be well-meaning, they simply don’t bring the level of knowledge and experience individuals and families require as they grapple with today’s volatile markets and complex planning needs. Even in private practices, many advisors enforce a minimum asset level for new clients.

At Moraes & Cassidy, we don’t believe the size of your portfolio should dictate the level of service you receive or your access to knowledgeable and experienced advisors.

  • We are dedicated to helping you protect and manage your assets, prepare for retirement and unexpected events, and develop a legacy that benefits your loved ones and future generations.
  • As your financial partner, we listen and respond to your needs, using clear, simple language – in English, Spanish or Portuguese.
  • We offer personal service, innovative strategies, and a pledge to lead you with great care along the path to meeting your goals.

Guiding Generations of Families, Friends and Neighbors
For more than 25 years we have helped guide generations of hardworking individuals and business owners—many of whom we call family, friends and neighbors—in the pursuit of financial independence. Because we believe your money management and retirement planning choices can impact your spouse, your children and grandchildren, we encourage you to involve members of your family in the decision-making process. Many of our clients find that involving their loved ones adds comfort and meaning to the process of managing their finances and planning for their future.

We are always proud to serve the needs of our clients’ succeeding generations, helping them create their own vision for tomorrow.

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