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About Us

Bringing more than 25 years of combined industry experience, founders Paulo Moraes and Ryan Cassidy contribute their unique perspectives and insights to create objective, personalized financial strategies for you.

Welcome to Moraes & Cassidy Group

Moraes & Cassidy Group was founded to serve the financial needs of today’s busy individuals and families by instilling confidence through competent and caring guidance. Like many of our clients, you’ve probably found yourself sandwiched between competing priorities posed by careers, children, aging parents and social obligations. There never seems to be enough time to simply relax with family and friends or devote to other important priorities in your life - let alone effectively manage your finances and investments.

You need competent guidance from advisors who will partner with you to help you define your goals, develop prudent strategies to protect your wealth, and monitor your plan over time to ensure you remain on track toward your goals. Yet finding a financial advisor you can trust to place your needs first can be difficult.

At Moraes & Cassidy, we believe that trust is something that must be earned, one client at a time. We understand that you have worked hard for the wealth you have built and believe you deserve honest and objective advice from educated and experienced professionals who are able to put your needs first. That’s what we do for the families, friends and neighbors we serve every day.

  • We’re committed to educating you to help you understand the strategies we recommend, why we recommend them, and how they work.
  • We continually educate ourselves to better serve your needs over time.
  • We strive to help preserve and manage your assets, guide you into and through retirement, plan for unexpected events, and establish a legacy for your loved ones and future generations.

We understand that addressing the full range of your financial needs can be a complicated and confusing task. Our goal is to simplify the complex while providing honest, caring advice to help you pursue financial independence on your terms. You have our commitment to operate with integrity as we work diligently to help you.